About the organisers

Borderlines XX will be held at Trinity College Dublin. The conference is organised by TCD research students from the School of English and the School of History and Humanities.

Meet the organisers:


Roman Bleier

Roman is a PhD student at the Department of History in Trinity College Dublin. He is on the Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) programme and works on digital transcriptions of St Patrick’s writings under the supervision of Professor Seán Duffy.


Brian Coleman

Brian completed his B.A. in History at Trinity College Dublin in 2012. He is currently in the final year of his doctoral research, working on the gentry of fifteenth-century Ireland.


Clare Fletcher

Clare is currently a doctoral candidate in the School of English at Trinity College, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. on the 14th century poet John Gower and his major Middle English work Confessio Amantis.

Katherine Sedovic

Katherine is currently completing her PhD in medieval art history at Trinity. Her thesis focusses on connections between the sacred and secular in fourteenth-century French Arthurian illuminated manuscripts and ivory caskets.


Christina Wade

Christina is a PhD student in the Department of History at Trinity College Dublin. Her thesis examines how gender and violence were used in Scandinavian furnished burial as a medium to negotiate power within Viking-Age Ireland.


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